This is officially the post that marks HWBS as closed & dead.

I love you all so much and I never would’ve thought my roleplay would last so long, but we made it 9 months.  Unfortunately, I knew it was going to come to an end sooner or later.  I actually had expected us to close down in September.

I’d like to thank the members who participated & all the friends I made through running this roleplay.  Don’t you dare hesitate adding me on twitter @kirstydanie11a or following me on my personal blog here «kirstydaniella»

I love you guys always. Long live HLBS & HWBS <3

For the last time -

Xoxo Admin Kirsty

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Check dorming assignments again.

Two of the residence halls have been made into one-gendered halls.


Harvey  is ALL MALES

Dorming assignments are non-negotiable. 

Hey guys!

Admin maya is online now! So if any of you guys have questions or anything, you can send them right through! i’ll be here for a little bit organizing things and what not! I mean and if you want to just send in your love for me that’s okay too.

Anonymous → Do you take RPs


A lot of you have been wondering what’s going on…

1. School starts THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 12, 2013. I had mentioned this past Monday as the start date for the school year but I guess no one saw it. Everyone will remain in their current grade level until I figure out what’s going on with that.

2. Maya & Mel are gonna be helping out once I get my mind straight on what were gonna do. Usually a lot of shit happens the first few weeks of school and people drop like flies. I don’t wanna revamp the whole roleplay for it just to die ya know ? So were waiting on that and it’s why we’re not taking new apps right now. I don’t wanna take new people in if we have a possibility of closing.

Anonymous → i know you're on female ban right now, but would it be okay if i reserved a female oc face claim? i'm sorry if this makes no sense to you!!

We’re not accepting apps right now. I’m sorry.

The only two characters that would be available to play right now are
Henry Van Gogh
Ella Kai Brodwick
this is only because they’re part of the main structure for another character and without these two, she really has no one to trust.

Anonymous → Do you ever do a damn activity check?

Speak nicely & you’ll get spoken to.